A Q&A with your author.

Interviewer: David, you have been blogging for awhile. Tell us a little about your experience?
David H: I have been blogging for over a year now, maybe even longer. It has really flown by. I started blogging on bullvselephant, but my niche wasn't quite fitting in, so I split off and created fiveten. The journey has been rewarding. I have been able to post as often as I would like. There isn't too much pressure, due to the lack of my blog's popularity. Nonetheless, it is a way for me to get things off my chest or just be silly.

Interviewer: Why is it called 'In the corner with five ten?'
David H: I am five foot ten inches, which my older brothers would remind me of constantly a few years ago. Even though it is considered short, I like my height...
INT: I think your lying.
DH: Maybe I am. Anyways, I have always admired boxers. Their talent, finesse, ferocity, and toughness. If I could be pro in any sport and be the greatest ever it would be boxing. Sorry Ali, move over.
INT: What does that have to do with what I am asking?

INT: What suggestions would you give to new bloggers?
DH: I am a little surprised that you asked me that. I mean, I am not the guru, but in my limited experience, I would say being original is the best. People need to be themselves. I have looked at a lot of blogs. A lot are just pictures and captions, yet they have tons of people following them. Then there are those who have very serious posts that tackle political, social, and economic issues. It seems to me that the biggest failures arise when someone tries to copy anther's work.

INT: What is your biggest fear? If you have any...
DH: (Long pause, he exhales air) Wow, my biggest fear. Uh, failing. That is pretty broad, so let me narrow it down.
INT: Yeah, that would be special if you did so.
DH: Failing within the home. Ultimately I want to be a family man. I want to be able to provide for a family. I want to be the best Dad and Father. Failing at that would be the worst. I don't think it would matter what I accomplish if I fail my family.

INT: (sarcastically) Real Original. I know that you love music. Which artist were you listening to right before you came into this interview?
DH: Taio Cruz.
INT: You like Canadians huh?
DH: I really like his music, it is catchy, fun to dance to; if that is what you mean.
INT: His lyrics are a little crude, wouldn't you agree?
DH: I guess some are laced with sexual overtones.
INT: So, that makes it OK, if just 'some' have those bad messages? Would you eat a cupcake if it had a cockroach in it? Huh?
DH: Is this some kind of interrogation? Or a Sunday school lesson? (Turns around to his manager) Who is this guy?
INT: (In a snooty voice) Just answer the questions. Don't side step them.
DMGRH: No, music with inappropriate lyrics are not acceptable. Sorry.

INT: How is your dating life? You write about that 20% of the time, so it must be going good right? (Scough).
DH: Decent. I am working a lot, which doesn't allow much time to hunt for chicas. I have a few that I am currenty seeing. Nothing spectacular.
INT: Sounds like you are striking out a lot.
DH: I never said that.
INT: Don't get defensive. Take it easy. I just think you should be honest with yourself, me and all of your readers.

INT: Where do you see yourself in ten years?
DH: What is that, 33? Shoot, you just brought out the big guns. I am not too sure. At the very least in love.
INT: Gross, just threw up. You have been listening to Taylor Swift way too much. Lets be real.
DH: Flying choppers for hospitials. This will obviously be after my military stint. I'll have a few kids. Probably be living on the west coast. California? That sounds nice.

INT: If you could fight any historical person who would it be and why?
DH: Napolean. Just watch Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and you'll see where I am coming from. He is a total jerk. Plus I know I would win.
INT: Seems like the easy way out. Personally I would fight Peter the Apostle.
DH: Seriously? Why?
INT: He would give me a run for my money. The man had passion. I connect with that. But I'll ask the questions. Just relax.

INT: Would you change the age to vote?
DH: I thought you would never ask. Yes. I would change it to 22. The percentage of young adults really astute with political issues is really small.
INT: What about the age to wear skinny jeans?
DH: Yes, 55.
INT: Age to smoke?
DMGRH: No. Seems fair that they have to wait that long to start killing themselves.

INT: Given the perfect circumstances, would you run for President?
DH: Is that really even a question? Cause in my mind the perfect conditions is world peace, prosperity, and sure victory for me. Yes. I would.
INT: HA, little did you know that after you won everything collapses! The world literally collapses on itself!
DH: Can we not play the what if game.

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Christie said...

nice dave nice. very funny. did you interview yourself. i wish my conversation with myself could be that good. very funny.