Facebook... part II

Oh, I am loving part II of things right now.

I have mocked facebook. I basically called it stupid, and for that, I must apologize. This is not because of the film, that I have yet to see, this is because facebook is genius. As with all genius inventions there are some draw backs, but let's focus on what facebook has done.

Facebook has allowed every single one of us to become a detective. Ah, we are all apart of the justice system. I am not really talking about taking criminals down, although facebook has been used to smoke some bad dudes. I am talking about the ability to spy, to see what is really going on, and that is why is a thing of beauty. You used to have to ask people around for information. You used to have to wait for people to give you hints and guide you to what is behind closed doors. Now, with a click of button you have access to a grip of information. Sure you can put up security blocks and what not, but ultimately, if people want to find something out, they will. This all sounds creepy, but let's face it, almost all of us like spying. We like to know what we are up against. People always tease each other about facebook stalking. It really happens though. We make a joke out of it to try and hide the fact that is goes on. You see a cutie at school, you find out the persons name, boom you type it in and then it all comes out. Scary. Pictures are worth a thousand words, but it doesn't really stop there.

Comments create a bridge between the gaps which help to better understand the story that is really going on. Creeper status. I know, I know, but seriously, brilliant. The sad part is people usually expose who they really are without intending to. Like what I am doing right now....I didn't really intend on letting anyone know that I facebook stalk. Listen though, be hunted or the hunter. This is just one aspect of facebook. I am sure there will be a facebook part III post, in which I tear it apart, but for now, it is genius.

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