For your consideration.

To the few viewers of my blog: I have a little treat for you. I am offering you something more substantial than bread, more powerful than a bullet, more aggressive than a rabid dog.... more blogs to view. These are some of the blogs I follow. If you follow mine, I think you will appreciate these.

  • First, by my best friend, Caleb. We are the same person with very different views. Yet he is one of the funnest and smartest kids I know. 
  • Following closely,written by a hilarious friend of mine from the mission, Tyler. His father is comedian and he surrounds himself with the cream of the crop. 
  • In addition I have the Golden Boy. Craig. The man who is on the verge of getting married. I just know it.
  • The blog I used to contribute to often. This blog has deeper thoughts and good music suggestions. 
  • Honorable mention, and only woman on the list, Steph. She is too sporadic in writing...  
AND another note. The reaction buttons, take them serious. I do not want to have to remove them. I understand you may feel three different things when reading a post, but please, maintain composer and maturity and click one. Goodness. This is not some new toy where you press whatever button looks neat. "Ohh, Justin Bieber!" *click* NO. Be a grown up. Look, that is the only way I can really tell who is reading. I do not want one person giving me the false pretense that a bunch of people are reading it. CLEAR? Gosh darnnit. 


Tyler said...

I will be adding these comrades to my dashboard. Also I can only see half of your bottom reaction button.

John said...

dave so long as i check on this blog i will always click every button. maybe you can just factor for that. but i will say i don't understand the buttons. they are labeled reactions but i don't get how justin beiber is a reaction. i assume these are reactions i have to your post right? so A.D.D.--does that mean i get A.D.D. by reading your post, or that I think you have A.D.D. based on your post? LOL i get. Unsure...about how i feel? about what you mean? all i know is i'm unsure about what unsure means, so i click it. boomshakalaka. i don't know. i know where that came from, but i don't know. click it. sorry bro. i'm just going to keep clicking.

David said...

Well, you only have yourself to blame, the reaction buttons... gone.