I find that creating a post to be humorous, insightful, relative, and worthwhile is tough. I cannot just sit down and write. I do not think I am funny. I just find things that people can relate to-- Loving Kobe Bryant. Hating annoying people. Getting shut down by girls.... My biggest problem is to not write about one thing over and over. Girls. I could write about them ever day. Not because they awe me. But because they destroy me day in and day out. I just keep coming back. I hope I don't sound like I am pouting. I do not want your sympathy, I want you to find me the sweetest girl ever. Let me know when you do. I am anticipating that memo very soon. So get on it. Now.
I also have a rule that no month should have too many posts. There is not a specific number, but I think October has seen some good posts. Hopefully November has some good stuff. I have a few ideas, but mostly I hope that I will come in contact with some really great people and situations... SO enough of this post.

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