After a summer of selling alarms, and being back in school, where there is somewhat of a routine, I am ready to devote some time to the corner. If you have felt neglected, I apologize. If you didn't really notice, then bravo for even looking now.... whenever your now is...The poor upkeep of this blog was a consequence of having no computer or internet for most of the summer months.

Here I am though, back from a journey of true proportions. I hope to share some of these adventures. Not only for my own poor memory, but for your enjoyment and pleasure.

First, a thought. Pilots.

I know of one personally. He is the father-in-law to one of my brothers. He is retired. He is a good man, I like him. The rest, I am not so sure about.

The icon, the image of a pilot, where did it come from? How did they get this built in reputation that they are patriotic? Sure, Americans invented flying. A lot of pilots are former Air Force or Military pilots, but what is it about pilots that makes them inherently more American than a normal person. Sure, they wear nice pendants on their chest, and snickerdoodles on their shoulders, even an American flag tie, but remember, sheep come in wolves clothing. I am not going to buy into them any more than I have to. They are gratified bus drivers. They don't even have to deal with people tailgating them, and shotty breaks.... Too much. I crossed the line there. Let me back up.

My main point, which I can't seem to get across, is that pilots, in my book, are still on trial. The jury is out. I am not buying into their whole facade. That's just me. Look at them next time... if you even see them... and see how they have that ugly little smirk, like they are getting away with parking in handicapped zones. Their eyes are glazed over with a sorts of indulgences and lewd behavior. I don't care how many thousands of feet we are up in the air, that man, flying the plane, is a snake.


Danny said...

sounds like you made up your mind then?

david said...

on pilots?