I have a broken sternum. I am sure of it.

A woman broke it playing street basketball. 

She put her shoulder into my chest as hard as she could.

It hurts to breath. 

Women should never play basketball. 

They hurt people. 

I hate women that play basketball. 


Hammy said...

No way! I think I broke my sternum too. I was playing ultimate frisbee and some dude, (probably a girl) elbowed me. That was like 2 months ago and it still hurts when anyone bumps me there.

Hammy said...

"A bruised sternum can take about 4-6 weeks to heal if the bruising is not severe. It may be difficult to breathe deeply, twist the upper torso, and may be sensitive to touch. It is common for people with bruised sternums to begin breathing in short shallow breaths to reduce pain. It is important, however, to try and breathe normally as shallow breathing could cause infection and hinder the healing process. If the injury is more severe, limiting movement or swelling see a physician as it may be something more dangerous."

david said...

woah. wish you had not said that. i feel like i am going to die if i breath too deep.