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I have been avoiding saying anything about what happened in Newtown and the gun control debate that has heated up. So, here are some clips that I found interesting.

If you know nothing of Alex Jones, you are about to find out in the next two videos posted. It is head scratching and for a lack of a better words, entertaining.

John Stewart had some good thoughts, among his humor.

Here is Bill O'Reilly and Bob Costas.

Jesse Ventura vs Piers Morgan.

Bill Maher vs Piers Morgan.

After several weeks of wrestling with this issue, here is what I think:
1. It is not a bad thing to make guns more difficult to get.
2. Time, place, and the wording of the constitution is often misunderstood.
3. I do not have an issue with a right to carry.
4. Semi-Autos are not necessary for home defense. I do not buy into the belief of a coming apocalypse.
5. Large clips are not needed.
6. Guns are great for home defense, if you are home and able to use them.
7. Why not regulate ammunition?
8. Parents need to own up and be a parent.

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