Female Lead Vocals

TRUEISM: Girls that are in a band (notice I said bands, which eliminates the "popular" ones, i.e. P!NK, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Etc.) are awesome. When they drop their vocal cords on tune, it makes your hair stand up. It feels so good and right you wish they had that on tap. You'd become an heavy drinker of that feeling.

I wish I had found these women, but I didn't. In no particular order, here are some (somewhat recent and are all pretty much in indie) ladies that do it well.

Always Alright by Alabama Shakes on Grooveshark

Paris (Ooh La La) by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals on Grooveshark

Quicksand by La Roux on Grooveshark

Closer by Tegan and Sara on Grooveshark

L.E.S. Artistes by Santigold on Grooveshark

Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs on Grooveshark

Bottom of the River by Delta Rae on Grooveshark

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