San Mateo Check In

Hey. Sorry for the random thoughts. Sometimes its nice just to write down whats on my mind.

So, I have committed to keeping the blog private - for a time once again. I guess I did it this time when I was searching for an MMA story and my blog was on the second page of the search results. Kinda weirded me out. It's not like the government and NSA don't have access to everything anyway, so why pretend I can keep my life private? I doubt I last that long.... UPDATE: DIDN'T LAST LONG

California. Yes, paradise. Even though I have been inside for most of my time here, I love it. There is something special about this place. The entrepreneurs spirit, the intelligence, its just awesome to be around. The weather is awesome. I get hot at 75 degrees. They are spoiled here. I work for some chill guys. Super nice. It is also cool to be apart of a small company that is still learning and going through the growing pains. I have been learning a lot.

I feel kinda dumb because I am just now beginning to appreciate what I am apart of. I am super lucky to be here. It's a bigger deal than I thought it was. I can't believer I thought of not coming.

I have been listening to Miguel's song Adorn over and over for the past couple of days, which probably isn't the best thing to do. There is just something therapeutic listening to the same song over and over. When you're in the mood for it, but a good R&B song can get anyone in the mood.

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