The Wedding Playlist

Every couple (maybe?? Do I even have an ounce of authority to say that?) has their quarrels before getting married. It could be a simple argument or disagreement, but it ruffles the feathers. I had no idea that ours would be the wedding playlist.

Music is very personal. It speaks to the soul. It drives deep to that hallowed spot within in us - the heart. We guard our heart. We guard it with walls and if you mess with our heart, oh boy, I'm coming at you tooth and nail.

I like music. I am not the music aficionado, but like most people I think my music is better than yours. Naturally, this doesn't go over well.

We created a playlist a few weeks ago. It came time to go over the list again. Nixed. Nixed. Nixed. One by one some solid song got shot down like a digital duck from an orange hand gun. Then it got to a song that I don't even particularly like, but it is a classic without a doubt. Everyone knows the words. People love it on America's B-day. So I fought. After a arduous and unsuccessful campaign, I threw up the white flag. It was no use.

After the dust had settled and I had time to lick my wounds, I realized that she was right... in a way. While it is a classic and everyone knows the words, it has its flaws. My concession should have come much sooner.

It is better to listen than to be right. Now, go read an Aesop story or something worthwhile.

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