TOP 5 - TV Shows

In no particular order:

1) Always Sunny in Philadelphia
 - This show attacks the self-absorbed, hypocritical, stereotypical consuming American. Very funny. Skip the pilot and try to get to season 3 (whenever Danny Devito comes into play) as fast as you can. You need to somewhat know the history of these folks, but you'll soon catch on.

2) Breaking Bad
 - Without a doubt this lives up to the hype and is well deserved for its reputation. Well written and superb acting by the immediate cast is really what sets this show apart. You will have to invest time into this show, but it pays back in dividend of deep symbolism and themes that will have you considering justice, equity, family, duty, love, and fate.

3) House of Cards
 - Probably the darkest show on the list. A truly sinister Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, is bent on gaining political power and will stop at nothing to possess it. He is a mastermind of moving other around like pawns in his game of domination. Again, great writing and acting, but be forewarned, you will not leave the living room without being scarred by his unscrupulous behavior and actions.

4) New Girl
 - A light and fun comedy. I thank my friends for introducing me to this show. You will fall in love with one of the characters on the show. It's this decade's Friends, hopefully. 

5) Seinfeld
 - If you don't like this show, I cannot understand how you enjoy comedy and television. This is what has defined what the modern comedy television show is. I am not kidding.

All of the above shows have their bruises and black eyes. When I was a younger, an older sibling would often get up and block the TV with a blanket and/or their body if there was something bad on the tube. You will have to use this same discretion to avoid some harrowing violence, crude language, and otherwise distasteful themes. However, there is merit to these shows.

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