You have mail

The one thing that no one tells you about buying a home is the extreme amount of junk mail that you will receive shortly after the purchase. I have gotten more mail addressed to me in the first month in a half then I received all last year (I wanted to give a realistic idea, but was SO tempted to give a hyperbole so you would be like - I, like, can't believe it!). And it isn't like the mail is all unique. I have received about six notifications from ADT. Neither are mortgage companies who want to set you up on bi-monthly payments. I have had at least four different companies solicit me, one of which has sent multiple letters and even left a note on my door. It is madness. 

When you buy a home tell the lender that it is not OK to sell you information marketers. Unless you want the attention. However, I did receive a Bed Bath and Beyond discount that we used to buy a croc it kinda worked out. 


steven said...

They don't send your information out. It is part of the public records when you buy a home, so companies simply look it up and then spam you! My last year of selling alarms we would do this everyday.

David Hyde said...

Ahhh! Thanks for the comment and the insight. I got some more mail y'day. Really cool.