What celeb would you most want to hang out with?

We have all asked ourselves that question a million times. I mean, it could maybe happen. Make a wish foundation may select your broken self one day...

I was wondering who would be in my celebrity squad. Like, if somehow they all became my best friends and wanted to hang out with me, but I was like, "No, I can't. I can only hang with a few of you." So, naturally I went to the internet to help me determine my list, because I don't really know these people and people on the internet must. What I found was that most people would like to get high (mushrooms were a big hit) or fornicate with a celebrity (Mila Kunis was a favorite and I did see someone say Betty White...). Other notable favorites, not mentioned below, were: Seth Rogan, Seth McFarlane, LeBron James, Megan Fox (not so much to hang out with), Jennifer Lawrence, and Tina Fey. 

Thanks quantorio... you added nothing to this
Wow. I had no idea. He does stick up for mothers though.
 I can get on board with this... just the combination seems really odd.
 I think Venomanzer should definitely re-think this
I saw several thousands of these... the original question was to hang out with based on personality...

Again, re-read the question. Just get a tape measure and use that. Don't waste the Diesel's time. 

 Okay, I get on board with this...what would you do after?

Noshiti, skankit isn't the only one who can choose this! You can too!
... this sounds so boring... awful
  This is a great choice.
Can we get Will and Neil at the same time? Epic battle.

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