Living on a love sac.

....Is probably one of the more uncomfortable things to sleep on. Surprising really. The downy soft feeling, the spacious room is has, it's inviting roundness all seem to point to a luxurious form of comfort. Not so. Most people lay on a love sac for about a hour or two, maybe, usually for a movie, television watching, or gaming. They aren't sleeping. And another fact, it is called love sac for a reason... need I say more? I shall answer that retorical question, Negative.

I fluffed it up, before I slammed into it like the Undertaker off of the top ropes. This proved to be most unproductive. My body formed a canyon in the sac. The walls came in around me like a mothers arms, only these arms were not filled with love and compassion. The sac has no feelings. It bent to my body in such a way that resulted in serious discomfort. Horrawful. I awoke and determined that I wouldn't sleep in that state again. Although my other alternative isn't much better--the floor. Such is life of a college student.

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