Baptism by fire.

This past Wednesday I took my first phone call.... I work for AT&T. I am an agent.

I have been tossing and turning in the night of how to present this event. I am still reeling from the effects that it had on me. Truly incredible. I am a changed man because of it. Thus the title. Maybe a little sacrilegious... perhaps it would be better to say that I have gone through the right of passage that every customer care agent must: making a complete fool of yourself.

The class sat around the table. Debating among themselves who should go. All had questions in their hearts. Wondering who would be the brave hero to save them all from pointless busy work and take a live call. Who would rise to the occasion? David, the beloved, arose from amidst the strewn chairs, grabbed his password sheet, and went before the class and into the dark and unforgiving world. Everyone held their breath. Would this soul be tainted or enlightened due to battle which was about to commence. All eyes were peeled upon this naive man.

In front of all he put on his headset, sat, entered the various codes and numbers in order to receive a call. A call that would come from some part of the vast universe. A caller who would never see or know what kind of man David was, his heart, or who he would become. David waited, with his trainer at his side. The class sat motionless, not daring to breath, fearing that it may just break any chances of luck the knight would need.

The phone beeped. David answered in the standard welcome. For some odd reason the number didn't show on his screen. He asked the caller for the number... several times. Even more queer was that the number kept changing. At first it ended in all 7's, then it had an 8, and finally had a 0 8 and 7. The young agent's head almost exploded from anxiety. Finally, the number went through and a name came up with the title of Ms. "It couldn't be," thought the agent. "I am speaking with a man. This is a man's voice!" That was the cardinal sin, thinking. "So, Mr. ____ what can I do for you today," said David. "It's MS!____." The agents face dropped. He was dead sure he was speaking to a man. It was the queerest thing ever. Questions were asked. Answers couldn't be found. The tension in the air was stifling. The heavens looked down and helped the poor lad and disconnected him. The class roared in laughter.

However, the agent had become a man. Just like Jake Sully when he conquered the Ikran and became apart of the Nav'i people. Or just like Leonidas, who killed the wolf at the tender age of 13. Okay, it wasn't that incredible... it was just really embarrassing. I don't know if many can understand where I am coming from, but it was really quite a daunting task. I guess anytime we attempt to do something new it can seem too tasking and difficult. The next call went a lot better. I did end up callin the Ms. back and gave her the answers she needed.

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