Po Po 5 O

Babylon. Pigs. Troll. Constable. Whatever you call em, they suck, and Cedar is full of them. They are just patrolling around, taking a bite outta crime... right. I am sure they are. Let me give you some examples of how much safer the streets are now because of them.

A late evening, two young men long board down an empty road. Red and Blue lights flash. The Officer writes them out a ticket. A ticket?! For what? Upgraded j-walking.

The brake light fully functions, however one of the back lights has a piece broken out. The horn blows. The driver pulls over, cursing under his breath. "I am warning you," says the uniform.

Headlights are broken out... which can be dangerous... if the vehicle was driving in heavy traffic. But it's 2 in the morning, not even the stray cats are up. Fog lights aren't good enough. The driver is feet away from his home, when he sees the blinding lights flash. After his license and registration is taken, a second bacon stain arrives. The additional backup flashes his lights throughout the car.

Remember John Stossel on 20/20? He had that segment, "Give me a break!" Well, John, it is time to come out of retirement and give us a break. Light a fire underneath these fools. Why at night do I drive slower than an old lady? Cause you have to believe that every car is policia! We drive in fear. Fear of our protectors! That is whack.

Shaggy Ft. Sizzla and Collie Buds: It a mad mad world.

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