Hello My Name Is__________

Names are important. All rappers want you to know there names. "My name is.. wha.. my name is... chica chica..". Professional athletes let you know their names quickly after they make a sweet play. In ancient times, they believed if you had the name of another you had power of them. They protected their names. Your name was more important than your life. Take for instance Odyssous in the Odyssey, he only gave out his name when it was absolutely necessary. In medieval times your name meant everything. Names are extremely symbolic and important in the scriptures. Our very salvation relies upon names.

David means beloved, coming from the Hebrew language. It is a very common name. I love it though. It is strong and gives me a sense of belonging. I think I look like a David, then again, why wouldn't I?

My beef is when someone instantly calls me Dave or Hyde (I realize that by posting this could lead to some serious hazing, but so what, its a blog). I hate that name. No, what I mean to say is that I hate when acquaintances or people that aren't really friends call me Dave. It is such a familiar term. I don't mind people close to me calling me Dave. I love it. Here is what really gets me going; someone asks my name, I say 'David', and they instantly call me Dave. Just like that, they jumped through the friendship fire and trust octagon. I sometimes correct them, I have even had people ask me which I prefer, but at the end of it all I am still stuck with Dave. Dave. HA!

Dave sounds like a grease monkey. A dude who would crush cans on his head like they were made of styrofoam. Dave sounds like he is a bartender, ready to eat his liver on que. He is gruff, cusses like a sailor, and is too crazy for anyone to be around over the weekend. On the other side of the coin, Dave is the type of guy who finishes last, he is the nice guy. And nice guys always finish last. Oh, Dave. There is no in between with Dave, he is either a meat head or a sissy. Just add an i after the v and you have a first class pansy. Dave is the friend who is always there, mainly cause he has no where else to go.

My mother named me David for a reason. It could be worse, one of my math tutors called me Sam. Eww. Sam? Me? Never. David. Call me Vook in the pants, hands in the pants, 5'10", whatever. Just do not assume you and I are close enough that you can call me Dave. You'll know when. Trust me. It will feel right. The hair on my neck won't bristle and your spleen won't feel like it is about to burst.



Christie said...

i'm not going to stop calling you dave, sorry vook in the pants. but that is a right i claim. memories of you in dresses and being able to call you dave, and davie crockette man of the wild fronter. if you can call me chris i can call you dave.

David said...

hey, family and friends are cool. see post above.