Institute is a wonderful program. It is inspired. Classes are interesting.But I have some real issues with it.
    Teachers. I thought we were a lay ministry. Why are they being paid? I really don't have that big of an issue with it, I just don't understand it. I do not like how they call people out. This is not a calling, not a priesthood office, so how can they act like they have those responsibilities only granted to those who are called to a priesthood office?
   Then when people act fake. Anyone. It drives me nuts. When people speak just to impress. When people pray just to be heard of men. Institute is for people to learn more about the gospel, yet people use it as a spring board. Testimonies and comments should be real. I think next time I am going to call people out.... Also, institute is not an AA group. Some problems should be kept in and shared with certain people.
  My biggest problem is cuddly couples. Irritation to the nth degree. STOP IT! Grow up. This aint't a theatre, not your couch at home, this is a public classroom. Act like it. I had one couple sit in front of me last year. They never quit touching each other. I think PDA's are weird, but in a church setting, super awkward. Save it for later.

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