And the Categories are...

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving. Be grateful, you capitalistic pig.

Red, Blue, Yellow, White. Four in all. Four simple colors that define the personality type of every single human being on this planet. Dr. Taylor Hartman, the guy who came up with this book, theorizes that if we understand others personalities and our own, we can have more substantial relationships. I have not completed the book, I have glanced over most of it, mostly reading the sections about my personality type. I just find it interesting that we have to put labels on things. For whatever reason it makes us feel more comfortable. It is practical. I mean, imagine going into a store and none of the aisles are labeled, uh annoying. But the problem is when we categorize people. Put them into a box and say, "This is you. You are good at x,y,z, however, you are not good at a,b,c." Sometimes the category that Joe Shmoe was put into was right, spot on, however, there are obviously exceptions.

I guess what really got me thinking about this is the crisis of relationship labels. The dreaded D.T.R. This talk will make or break whatever kind of thing is going on. This is the point of no return. As soon as you say or hear, "So, what are we?" there is NO going back. Don't even try to grab a Twix, it is just too late. I do it. I wanna know. I guess that is part of human nature, curiosity? -- but curiosity killed the cat. So should I really even ask or talk about it? Cause how dumb does this sound:
About a year ago, maybe more, I am dating this girl. I like her a lot. I ask her, "Do you want to be exclusive?" As soon as I said that I felt this stinging sensation in my mouth and felt brain cells die inside my head. I found out that day that there is such a thing as a dumb question, and when you ask dumb questions, brain cells die. She says,"Like be official?" with a tone saying, 'Oh my gosh, you are like so middle school.' *AWKWARD PAUSE* I am trying to come up with something sweet/cute/smart, but nothing is coming. "Yeah...." I said. "Of course David" with a snide tone, as if I said that her choice in toilet paper was poor.

I felt from that day forward that it was dangerous to put a label on any kind of a relationship. If I call you to play basketball, we are friends. Just assume. If you are questioning it, don't. My actions let you know where I stand.

There are two types of people in this world, men and women.


John said...

what color are you though? you strike me as a white/yellow.

John said...

dave are you there?

David said...

just working on finals brah!