Facebook... Part III

Can you believe it, here we are again, talking about facebook. Simply amazing.

I watched the movie and was entranced by the main character, Mark Zuckerber. I am sure hollywood dramatized him a little bit, but I just kept saying to myself, "Genius. This man is genius, and a jackass." Great movie though. The real Mark gets facebook. He understands what people want from facebook. Remember we discussed how you can be a detective? Well, he has managed to make this so much easier. You are friends with a person, you can click 'See Friendship' and you are given a history of all the interactions you have had with this person. The scary thing is that you can access this friendship link on another persons wall without being friends with them. Like lets say I am friends with Ray. Ray has this smoking hot friend tagging up pictures and commenting all over his wall. I want to see if they are more than friends. Boom. Got you Ray. You little carpetbagger.

There was this whole hoopla that facebook had designed an app to track who exactly was viewing your profile, but come to find out, Mark doesn't want that to happen. The whole point of facebook is to allow strangers to look at strangers and rank them. Right? I mean, for me it is about talking about Kobe, but people got all upset cause he doesn't have a moral fiber in his body... Go Kobe.

Rewind to five years ago. No facebook (I think). Back then girls wrote in their journal or diary, at least up until they were done with middle school. They usually wrote who they had a crush on, that was the only real hard evidence a man could obtain to know where he stood with this little lady. The problem is that facebook has turned adults into diary writing and picture taking fiends. Here is why I am so fired up. I am losing a battle to a guy that is over three thousand miles away. I've seen the evidence, but the predicament is that I can't really address it. How can I?  I basically looked in this girls journal and saw another mans name written on the pages. Now that I have this knowledge I do not know what to do. You can never really begin a constructive conversation with, "I saw on your facebook..." Then again, that could be old news. I tend to over analyze things, so I have been told. Lets say I did start that convo... then automatically I come across as a jealous, controlling, over analyzing freak. And even if that is partly true, no one wants to have that label on them. Kiss of death. I do know two things: 1. I am a fool. and 2. I need to quit living my life on facebook.


John said...

you should live your life on this blog instead. oh wait.

why is ray a carpetbagger?

John said...

hello dave?

David said...

ray is a carpetbagger because he doesn't have the true roots here in the south. he is some northerner that moved down here.