Call him the natural man, your Id, or even "night bandit", we all  have this alter ego that we have to battle every day and night. I call him Jason, Jason Some Booty. Jason and I go way back. He was born when I kissed Jessica D. in kindergarten. That's when I realized he could potentially take me over.

Late at night, he will come. He will tell you to scroll through that phone of yours, or get on Facebook, and look... He'll tell you to look for a girl you have been feeling, but haven't really pursued. He'll encourage you to be all flirty, to put yourself out there, with just enough ambiguity that you are safe, but she knows you mean business. If he is feeling really daring, he will have you give them a call after 10 (Even though 10 is early. For some reason girls think its late).

JSB will lie to you. He will tell you to try and play girls. See, he is only looking out for him, not you. You have to pay the consequences, not Jason. The selfish jerkbox has no guarantees. In fact, he is batting under .001, and still you listen to him. That is the problem with having two entities in the same body, one has to win and the other loses. You'll get shut down by her, I promise. They will call you a man-whore for trying, even though it was ALL Jason. You'll move on to the next girl. The vicious cycle continues.

I broke up with Jason awhile back. I wouldn't really know how he acts now. When you feel that urge to make a move after the sun goes down, resist. Unless you are on the E streak.


Steve-0 said...

Best post in a while! haha love it. JSB is a jerk man, mine is just as bad. fortunately for me, I've been on an extended E streak as of late. haha

david said...

we need to see your blogs link on here soon, eh?