Whats a tool?

My dearest mother asked my friends and I this question the other day. We were talking about someone being a tool. I don't remember who, or else I would tell you, and then you would agree that they are in fact "a tool".

I didn't know how to describe it. I really wanted to say "douche bag", but that would have offended her virtuous ears.... how do you explain it? Its like salt. Sure I can say a jerk, but that just doesn't completely fit the description. I should have told her this story or drove by King Henry in Provo, and point to a shirtless man playing volleyball with other men (the pool area is near by, but has a gate around it... there is no beach)

In my professional communication class we had to tell our most embarrassing/ scariest/ traumatic story. This kid got up and talked about how he ran over a person. He explained that it wasn't really his fault because he wasn't paying attention, the person he hit was an illegal immigrant working in a man hole, his supervisor wasn't around, the car in front of him quickly swerved, he never saw the guy.... then he said the worst part about the experience is that he was charged with reckless driving and was fined $1,500 and had to go to traffic school.

He hit another human being with his car....and didn't feel sorry for it at all. Here is a speech he gave... its. simply. amazing.

Tool. Douche Bag. Mouth Breather. North end of a jackass going South. A zero.

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Taylor said...

It's very heartwarming... It's very sad. Make up your mind? He sucks at this presentation stuff.