inept of reality.

"She thinks she is way hotter than she is." This was a profound statement made by Vance, well over a year ago, that has branded itself into my understanding ever since. The girl (who will not be named, but I'll tell you if you text and ask me...) was pretty, no doubt, but she had this ego that didn't quite seem to fit. She had this misplaced sense of self, that could be filed under, "my poop doesn't stink." Which is absurd to begin with. Who has a cabinet with a file title like that?

I still haven't found a universal phrase to explain the paradox, of a person thinking they are more attractive than they are.. But then again, it's really hard to know. So, I googled it. I searched, "celebrities that think they are hot." I found some good lists, but I think the best one is 'Snooki,' off of Jersey Shore. I've never seen Jersey Shore. I do not really want to see the show. I do not understand why someone would want to see the show. I don't think it would be a good show, but from the little that I do know about the show, Snooki is a great fit. In fact, I'm coining the phrase, "She is totally a Snooki." Actually, that sounds a little fop. Maybe just say she is a 'Snooki'; or 'Snookish'; or maybe, 'Snooki Snook'? You get it. 

Women are Snooki's, Men are ball-flexors.

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