Okay. I get it.

I work in a call center, again, (hated it then, hate it now.) for an alarm company. The same one I sold for this past summer. Being on the other side has given me a greater appreciation for the simple job, yet stressful tasks that must be done, and confirmed fears that I had as a sales rep about employees in the call center.

I have worked there maybe a total of 30 hours, not even a real full week, but I would wager that I am better than all of them besides one lady, who has been doing this for four years. The other ladies are middle-aged. I can't blame them for being bad at their job... their moms. Moms who are 40+ aren't good at computers. 

This past Monday we had a three hour long training session. Our job is pretty simple. We input data that is told to us. We do NOT have to think or interpret anything, other than knowing the difference between a good credit score and a bad one is. In this meeting we were actually told to do less. Here is probably why, one lady asked this question, "So, we do not need to enter the information into the other system?" RIGHT AFTER he just said, "you will only worry about putting the customer information in program a." I wanted to punch her. 

We went over processing payments. "You bill them that day, unless their bill date, which will be either the 5th or the 20th, is within 15 days of the day of installation. So about two weeks. Normally, you bill them that day, then set up the payment for the next month. Only if they are within the fifteen days, do you just set up the monthly billing without billing them that day." Simple right. No. It took us 25 minutes for Becca to be comfortable in her knowledge about it. 

There is another kid there who keeps me sane. Mark. His sense of humor is so dry. He told me how he used to work construction and made $1,300 a week. He loved it. He loved it so much, the pay that is, that he used an entire check to purchase Lego's, namely the Sponge Bob Square Pants themed sets. Aaawwwesome. Who does that? Only someone who loves life and Lego's. I personally would have gone with Star Wars

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