Optional Costume Surprise Birthday Party

Halloween has come and gone. I am late in writing this story, but I am still vexed about it.

The title of this blog post is confusing in of itself.

Just before Halloween day I went to a surprise birthday party with my girl. The party was for a decent friend. I was actually surprised that I was invited to the surprise birthday party. I guess that tells you how close we are. I get a text a few days before the party that goes like, "Hey, its Alejandro's birthday. Come at 6. Our address is ____. Costumes are optional!"

I reread that text a couple of times - mostly due to the fact that is said 'costumes' and 'optional'. Tough one. Do I were one and run the risk of being the only one with one? Or run the risk of being the only tool without one? There is a difference. Wearing one doesn't make you a tool, but not wearing one and everyone else is makes you a tool. BUT it was optional. A word of advice if you are hosting a Halloween party, make costumes mandatory. It's freaking Halloween.

So the evening comes and I am feeling chipper. Shoot, you gotta have fun and be out there right? That fun quickly evaporates when the hostess opens the door without a costume. The same hostess who suggested a costume in the text. The same person who should be the default to be in a costume. That is like inviting someone to a white elephant gift party and say that gifts are optional and the host doesn't have a gift.

The fun you were having putting on the luchador mask and suit turns into a hot hot heat, when you enter the house, and every soul is in their normal human clothes, and are looking at you like they just watched you bury a baby cat that you accidentally stepped on and killed. They aren't pleased. The hot hot heat is turning into a sweaty face and pits. That sweat turns into looks at your girl with pleading eyes saying,"I am sorry that I made you dress up like a nun. You're awesome though!"

It is pretty hard to overcome that entrance. You try to make friends. You try and be sociable, but you are the leper. You are a freak. It isn't fun to a freak or a leper. You are so desperate for anyone, someone just to say hello to you and ask you one question.

In conclusion, I have two things to say:
1) Costumes are either a "GO" for launch or a "NO GO".
2) Don't be a prick to people that go out of their way to introduce themselves to you. I am not the best at welcoming new people into my circle, but people who are new and try to talk to me, I will talk to them.

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