Being a Dad

“What is it like being a dad?”

I get that question or some version of that question fairly often. I am a brand new father and it is easy for someone to talk to me about it. Even if they don’t know me, it’s fair game. I get why people ask. Its as if I just grew a third arm out of my rib cage. People are (1) going to notice and (2) are going to ask. If I saw you on the street, with a third arm grown out of your side, I would definitely stare at you rudely and if we knew each other, and had talked about you growing this third arm nine months ago, I would be like, “Hey, what is it like being a person with a third arm?” You wouldn’t be thrilled to talk about it, mostly because everyone else has asked you and you know I don’t really care about your response. I am just asking to ask and remind you that you have a third arm, which is really strange. You’ll indulge me and say something like, “Its been an adjustment, but its been great!” with a fake smile on your stupid face.

However, my baby is not a third arm and I certainly didn’t grow her.

I feel ashamed as well when someone asks me. I haven’t been that great of a dad/husband. I feel bad about it. I do, but not bad enough that I have changed all that much… I would if my wife really needed me to, but she hasn’t told me to. And here in lies the problem. She won’t tell me. She will continue to carry this heavy burden alone until she can’t anymore.

Sure, sleep hasn’t been as great as it was, but I am not the one getting up at all weird hours of the night.

I really can’t complain at all about it; except the fact that we are kind of prisoners to our own home. It doesn’t help that the TV and Netflix is downstairs, which has that dungeon feel. What else is a family to do in the winter with a small child? I am not settling the west! Indoors is preferred, Sir!

Plus some really good shows are on!

Honestly, it has been great. It is hard, but it is great. The things you give up (friendships, freedom, late nights out, etc.) are no where near what you gain (…………. , ………….. , etc.).


First, I have immense respect for my wife and mother. It is unbelievable what moms do. They are incredible creatures sent from above. There is no doubt that divinity is intertwined into the fabric of their soul. Secondly, to see your child grow, smile, even cry and burp is without question one of the most satisfying feelings. I had to have known my baby before this life, because there is no other way I could love her so much, so instantly.

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