The argument that has the potential to end any relationship

Person 1: Where do you want to eat?
Person 2: I don't care. You choose?

P1: Okay. Lets go to _______?
P2: (Hesitation in the voice) Uh, I'm not feeling that.

P1: Okay... (frustrated as Person 2 stated they didn't care). How about ________?
P2: Hmmm.

This could go on and on:
No you choose.
I don't know.
I don't care.
Seems like you don't this idea...
Blah ba Blah

This kind of mind numbing rhetoric could go on for 5, 10, 15 minutes or even until the people starve to death before they leave the house! What can be worse is when this is happening in the car... as you are passing places of fine dining.

P1: What about _____? It's just up the street.
P2: I guess so. (With an obvious hint of disagreement).

Driving aimlessly around. Making illegal u-turns. Cutting people off.

I have never, ever, lost my mind or cool in the situation. The ambiguity and lack of decision making is part of the adventure of, "How long can my overweight body be okay with not gorging itself?"

Here is what to do in this situation:

1) Establish who is going to make the choice VERY quickly. If they punt, you do not call a fair catch, but go full speed ahead. GO! GO! GO! With reckless abandon.
2) Do not make or take suggestions. Go with the first place that is stated.
3) Resolve not to compromise on a whim or a "maybe they are not happy with my decision," go forward, not backward.

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