Be the Hammer

Where I currently work there are hammers all over the office. They are all ball pein hammers. Not that is significant. Just a detail. And the devil is in the details... Anyway, there are these hammers all over the office. In the conference room, my desk, and on the front couch. All over. There is even one that looks like a mini Thor hammer (which is not a ball pein hammer), but with an 1800's twist on it. So it really only looks like Thor's hammer in that it has a really square head.

I work for a technology software company. I don't work at welding shop. What's with the hammers?

Its an analogy my boss uses.

You see, people want to have nail guns. It's faster, more powerful, sleek, and efficient. However, most of the time people don't need a nail gun. People don't need one to build a bird house. People don't have the skill for a nail gun. It can be a little more technical. It really means go to work and roll up your sleeves. A lot of problems seem to work themselves out if you just go to work.

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