I rest my case for Cedes.

In a previous post, I talked about the many reasons why I love Cedar City, and at the very bottom I had a disclaimer; it said that I wanted to move to Provo. Now, looking back in retrospect, it couldn't more false. I regret saying that.Cedes has been really good to me.

This is my final will and testament regarding Cedar City; a list of the best of Cedar.

- I will forever miss the SUU men's basketball games. Of course we stink. I doubt SUU will ever be really competitive, but sports is 90% mental the other half is physical. To have an entire arena (never mind that we only have a full house when the old folk dance team comes to town) hear everything you say to players is spectacular. To get inside players head through wit and words, not profane or rude behavior, is truly an art and pleasure.

- The wheat bread and honey butter found here on campus. It is more addicting that FNL.

- Before they shut down the underground passages, the tunnels were off the hook. NEED TO FIND A WAY BACK IN!

- Using the double screens in the ELC, Library, or computer labs. So epic.... As well as the study room.

- PE building showers, minus all of the naked old men, they are really nice. Also, basketball.

- Cedar feels like a blown up playground. You can climb on everything, from buildings in downtown, to billboards, you'll find yourself on all sorts of high places.

- Long-boarding  down Main St. Thank you Steve-o, Tim, and Mr. West for opening my eyes.

- My brothers. Ah, man. I am choking up now... Too many good men in Cedar to even start listing them off. How I will miss them all.

- Bulloch Drugs. They have THE best fountain soda.

- Brad's Bronco Burger, until I saw the Deluxe.

- Power 91. Trust me.

- I always think of Arcade Fire's song, Wake Up, when I think of Cedar.

As I left in the afternoon the other day, I realized how beautiful the red rock is. I realized that Cedar City has been good to me. I will miss it.

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Steve-0 said...

I have a way into the tunnels, come back and we will hit em up!